Friday, April 27, 2012


Hey2!! It's Friday night!! Skipped my classes again today.. Feel so lazy.. Just don't have the will to go there.. Haha..
Well, there's one new cinema opening today.. It's quite near to my place.. wanna go there so badly.. wanna watch Battleship badly.. So, I decided to go there tomorrow with my 2 cousins and my brother..
I have asked my friends to watch this since last week, but I met a lot of obstacles.. So we cancelled and they have watched it.. -___-
I asked Mr.Randy Chai just now, cause he hasn't watched it also.. Unfortunately he couldn't make it, but if I only go with him alone, I think my head will be chopped by my bf, right? :p

Okay, actually I have lots of things to do.. I need to arrange my bookshelves, they look like rubbish bin right now.. -___-
Then I need to pack for my yoga class tomorrow, then I need to rewrite my college's notes, after that I need to tidy up my aunt's files.. I end up sitting here, watching RM, onlining and chatting to my 'dodol' cousin about perming or not perming my hair.. I'm so dead.. -___-
I'm going to do all of those things tomorrow *fingercrossed*
Hopefully nobody ask me to go out tomorrow night..
Gosh!! It's almost 12.. Okay, I need to end this post soon..
Should stop this procrastination.. -___-



Thursday, April 26, 2012


well, talking about farewell, it's been a long time that I didn't cry until like that..
Cried until I was soaked by my own tears.. Your heart is hurting.. It's hard to let go of people that have ever been in your life.. Especially when you have get used to them..
To be honest, I hate going to airport, especially when I'm going to send my friends.. I have sent a lot, cried a lot.. and it takes time to recover from the sadness, though.. *sigh

i need my mood booster.... i miss him a lot recently.. not recently.. always, i think.. XD
anw, good luck for your test.. and come back quickly.. :p



You'll be missed

hey!! it's me again.. I've promised to come back with super sad post, right?
and yess.. it's me.. sitting in front of my lappie.. skipped my class today specially for this day..
Why? because it's Sir Tony's leaving day.. Now my eyes are swollen cause I cried a lot..
Actually, I have prepared my heart since yesterday.. I told myself to be tough..
Nothing happened when I arrived at IEC in the morning, but I saw some of my friends were crying..
I know he had talked something that made my friends cry..
Okay, so around 10 am, he asked us to take picture with him, I still smiled widely.. :D
But when he shook my hand and said thanks to me, my eyes were starting to become watery.. I cried, a bit, but not in front of him..
Then finally I could control my tears.. but 15 mins after that, this was the real goodbye for him to IEC.. He's leaving.. for good.. He was saying his goodbyes to everyone and once again he shook my hand and said "Take care, Miss" while he was crying.. so, the moment he said that, I cried out loud.. :'(
Feels like wanna beg him not to leave us.. But I believe he will have a good study there.. :)

Well, this is the saddest part.. the airport part, of course..
We arrived there at 6 pm just now, we waited for around one hour.. Then finally he came, with swollen eyes, of course.. He hugged his sister, cried again.. and then he checked in directly, because he is late.. haha
then he met us outside, I can't stand, so I cried again.. My colleagues were crying as well.. :'(

There are some pics that I wanna share :)

Airport :)   

before he came   

Earlier birthday surprise
Farewell and Birthday party at M-Box

EPC Junior
Here's another pic :')
Our Beloved Boss  
A Place to be Remembered

Yes, that is the place to be remembered.. Whenever I want to ask permission or even talk about students' problem, you will be there.. giving us your best solution.. Now, that place will be empty..
no more you sitting on that chair.. we could never see you busying with your stuffs there..
*I'm crying right now* :'(
We could never hear your morning greeting, afternoon greeting and going home greeting anymore..
No more "See you later after lunch"
We could never be stared at with those "eye-sights" anymore
Oh My God!! this is killing!!

Well, some people must be curious.. why should I be that sad?
Maybe people would say "He's only your boss, not a big deal if he leaves"
He's not only a boss, he's a good friend, an understanding boss.. He's irreplaceable..
well, even though you're not reading this, but I wish you all the best, Sir.. :)

Last but not least, your favourite pose :p

We Love You Thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Much, Sir.. :)



Wednesday, April 25, 2012


hello again.. i've just arrived home.. again.. it's 10 something.. haha.. should stop this 'coming-home-late-at-night' habit.. X(
well.. where did I go today?
Mr.Bonk and the gang fetched me from campus and we directly headed to UFC, the super comfy place to eat and hang out.. I met Mr.HJ, my easily bullied teacher a.k.a the nicest teacher on earth.. hehe.. we had nice dinner..and nice talk too.. :)
sorry it's quite blur.. blame the waitress.. -___-    

trio trio trio


then we headed to HoME, sang and shouted some English and Mandarin songs..
It's 2 days in a row I had karaoke session.. haha..
but we mostly took pics too.. wanna see???


J for Juke


The girls :)


Took those pics with Vero's new itouch.. kinda cool.. wonder if I can get one too.. :p
well.. haven't thought of what to buy.. my consultant is busy.. gonna consult when she has time..
okayy.. gotta go to bed now.. cya tomorrow.. be ready for my sad sad post.. :'(




Heyya, readerss!! Just arrived home at 11 something.. had a grande of starbucks' new flavour.. had a stupid and crazy karaoke session..
babbling korean song without even know the meanings.. haha..
Well.. did all that with questers.. I miss them, actually..
even if I say I don't care.. but when I saw them just now.. I felt so happy.. it's really good to see old friends...
Still haven't meet the others.. my singaporean friends, jakarta friends, and each of them wherever you are... i miss you guys.. :)

hey2.. you know what?? my long lost bf will come back on 27th May.. *celebration*
counting the days.. don't u miss me? ;)
cause I'm dying to see you.. *hugs*
anw, what should I buy for.......... err.... nevermind.. gonna consult with my 'dodol' cousin.. she's my personal consultant.. hehe..

Gonna edit and put some pictures in this post.. but not now.. it's almost one... and i gotta work tomorrow..
soooo... annyeeeoonnnggg, people!! have a good good night!!

heyyy... these are the photos that i promised to post yesterday.. ;p






Monday, April 23, 2012


"Why do you prefer long distance relationship?"
"They're stronger. They mean a lot more. Well, to me that is, I mean think about it. Trust is the biggest thing in a relationship. If you can trust someone that lives hundreds of miles away, then that's beautiful. Sure you don't get to hug the person, kiss the person, wake up next to the person, but you get to talk to them. Think about how amazing it's going to be when you finally meet them. And how perfect it's gonna be. You fight less, you laugh more. They're beautiful, and I respect anyone that is in one. They're hard, they're harder than a lot of things. But they're worth it in the end. Why let distance ruin your feelings for someone? Feelings are feelings, Love is love; And that's not gonna change."

Read this article this morning.. thanks to my silly cousin.. did you google this on purpose? :p
every single word is true, isn't it?

Well, it's not I prefer this on purpose.. but.. do i have a choice? :)



Friday, April 20, 2012


Hey.. it's almost the end of April.. -___-
everyone is talking and planning about holiday on June..
Me? Well.. I think i will still stuck here in this year..
I had the chance to go there, but I think I just let the chance slipped over my hand..
good things are.... my old buddies will be here.. and for sure my long lost bf will come back too..
maybe this is not the time yet.. I believe God has another better plans for me.. :)
Well.. tomorrow's gonna be a big day.. this is the last project of our lovely boss..
Hope tomorrow will be a success for EPC Junior..
God, give me extra power because I'll work full day for Saturday and Sunday..
Hmm.. okay.. gonna end this post soon.. still feeling super random though..
I have tons of things mixing inside my head.. but i don't know how to describe it all..



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

hoot hoot!!

had my first session of yoga yesterday, sweat a lot.. really.. A LOT!!
and damn!! my thigh hurt so much.. it's been a long time i didn't do any sport..
will do a lot of work out starting now..skip dinner, drink lot of water.. i hope my gastric can compromise..
wish to lose lots of weight.. seriously..
I've been through a lot of things these few weeks.. stressing.. but thanks God they have been solved..
Reallyy.. God is good.. whenever i think that there's no way out and i did pray a lot... He really answered me.. :)
Anyway, let's fight for another good day that God has granted me tomorrow.. Be positive!!