Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas

heyya, bloggiee.. sorry for not posting recently..
i had to deal with my college and work things first..
yes, it's hectic and i'm bored with it..
i'm so in holiday mood now..
don't want to touch my homeworksss.. seriously, homeworkSSSS.. plural.. a lot.. :|
okay, i'm not writing this for complaining.. i really need to stop myself to complain about almost everything.. haha..
just want to share some pics about my Christmas eve and Christmas day..
i had a good time during this December :)
i love the reindeer's horn XD

gift exchange :D

i am enjoying my first day of holiday.. had a super good time.. <3
can i have this kind of day everyday?
u'll let me suffer for another four months again, huh? :p
anyway, merry christmas everyone!! :D


Jowi ;)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

yes, dear, i heart u so much that even myself couldn't explain it why
it's just missing u too much that even forever with you won't be enough
i heart u for all the things you are
even tough i'm like riding roller coaster with you
but i'm grateful to have u in my life :)



Monday, December 5, 2011


yess.. time's ticking, people change, i change, you change, the world does change..
moving to be a more mature person, trying to see things from different points of view..
yes, this is me.. enjoying my life.. even though i feel that something is missing..
oh gosh, this feeling is just so indescribable.. :|

i don't want to think about these stuffs anymore..
head is gonna explode soon..

sorry for the random post because this is the only place that i can be myself..