Thursday, December 27, 2012

life's a joke

hey you, people.. Long time no see.. merry christmas.. sorry if it's a lil' bit late..
forgive me for being so busy with myself..
I had the greatest christmas present so far, my dear..
I know you love me that much that you had to give me that present.. haha.. XD
well, okay.. we broke up..
Don't worry.. I'm not fine.. ha.ha.ha..
first week is really tough, man..
I still find myself crying to sleep and wake up crying..
no appetite, people.. seriously.. Even you're served with the most delicious food in the world, you won't feel hungry..
When I'm left alone, I would think of some crazy and random stuffs in my head..
Especially when the night comes, the emptiness and loneliness kills.. ha.ha.ha.
I know it would happen, but I just don't think it would be that fast.. haha..
Okay, truth be told, my heart is still doing the things that I shouldn't be doing..
yes, waiting.. haha..
no worry, I'm trying to let go, my dear.. but maybe not that fast.. still need some time..;)

Well, enough with the random post.. I'll come back when I'm feeling better.. :)



Thursday, December 13, 2012


because I love you, tears fall
because my heart hurts, tears fall again

Watch this "Nice Guy", people
Superb great drama :)
He's my favorite actor.. Super handsome.. How can he be so handsome???

PS : where can I find a nice guy like Kang Ma Roo?


hello, bloggie.. it's been a while.. sorry for abandoning you like this.. haha..
been busy with my life..
well.. let's see.. where to start? what did i miss?
nothing big happened actually.. it's just me still struggling with the same problem that seems like no ending to it..
I still couldn't find the answer for myself..
I have been hearing lots of advices, but I don't even know how to start..
Yes, I know I'm stupid.. to hold on like this.. I know I've been taken for granted.. but... what can I do?

Anyway, I don't think my problem is hard enough compares to my friend that had just lost her boyfriend..
yeap.. Lost doesn't mean that they broke up.. noo.. he passed away.. :'(
Feel sorry for her..
How does it feel like to lose someone that you love so much in an unexpected way?
Life is really a joke, huh?

well.. not really in the mood today.. I'll find some time and post again later.. :)



Sunday, October 21, 2012


hello, bloggie...
it's me.. feeling random.. again.. every Sunday..
time really does fly.. see.. it's 21 October already and I'm going to have mid test soon... stressed out.. -__-

it's been two weeks.. whatever..
as I always tell myself, "care less, expect less, so u'll be hurt less"

forgive my randomness



Monday, October 8, 2012

Saengil chukae, chingu

helooo, bloggiee.. I'm back today with a birthday post for my beloved friend...
Yess... No need to think twice if I mention about 9th October.. It's definitely Ms. Carissa Clarence's birthday.. Chukae for turning twenty.. Finally you've become young adult.. ahahaha.. XD
Thanks for being my friend for these 7 years, thanks for being a good adviser and motivator.. XD
Keeps your passion in fashion.. I know you can pass through all of those hard times, cause I know you're strong.. :D

And thanks for being patient enough to stay with us, the crazy quartet which have caused you lots of headache and problems.. eventhough we caused you lots of problems, we still love u no matter what.. :p
Wish you a great year ahead.. I believe you have a big blast and great surprises this year, even before your birthday.. you know what I mean, right? haha..
Wish I was there also at this moment.. :(

ohyeahh.. who said that we don't have complete picture of us? I found it!! see?? hahaha

Lastly, Have a superb superb birthday, dear!!
See you real soon :*



Sunday, October 7, 2012


have you ever been in a situation where you don't like something but you're stuck and you couldn't say it out loud so you just keep it to yourself and it puts you into seriously some shit of bad mood?
yeapp.. that's what happening to me right now.. It has been two days actually.. Trapped in my own thoughts..
I understand that people will change one day, but can I just not accept the changes that happened?
I know it's a selfish thing not to accepting those changes, it's people's rights to change..

well yeah, whatever.. it's the gloomiest Sunday ever... Has been doing assignments for 3 hours and there's still lots of assignments left.. My head is hurting like hell and mood is dropping like shit.. Next week will be hectic!!

Feels like giving up college already.. Don't the lecturers know that studying and working at the same time is a super tiring things to do?

I even don't know what shit I am learning about right now.. I'm mad.. mad with myself..
life is so screwed



Monday, October 1, 2012


hai2.. bloggie.. it's my last day here.. my long awaited holiday has come to an end.. enjoyed it a lot.. feels like staying few more days.. XD
firstly I'm gonna say big thanks to my dodol cousin who has accompanied me for these 5 days.. i dunno what to do without you.. hahaha..
and thanks to my babe for accompanying me for these 3 days and carrying my shopping bags for this whole day... .. love u muchhh. :* miss you already :'(
and also thanks to my friends who have spared some of their time for me.. you guys are the best.. XD

gonna save money and come again next year XD

well, gonna miss you so much again.. :p see you in December, dear.. :)

before i end my post.....
here are some pics from the trip.. :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

ex ex excited

helloooowwww, my bloggiiee...
my Sunday is almost over.. well.. yeah, I'm a little bit random tonight...
It's another 4 days to my trip.. excited? of course.. couldn't wait for it any longer.. haha..
I have lots of plans in my head, keep thinking which one to fulfill first.. kekeke.. XD

okay, I don't know why, but suddenly and randomly I'm missing youu.. and put me in this state of 'galau'ness.. -___-

whoever read this post must be super confused with my post..
ignore the grammatical errors.. can't even think properly right now.. huahaha..
I think I'm going crazy soon, seriously..

so, before this post gets any weirder, better end it faster..


The one who is seriously missing you right now

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.... BANG!!

hohoii, bloggiiee... today's 18 and it's officially 9 days to go... *dance dance dance*
I haven't contacted my dodol cousin for several days.. She's too busy, I think.. She even doesn't have time to go and take my lightstick.. huhuhu..

I've entered college for one week.. and guess what? It's really hectic!! the assignments... oh God.... don't want to mention about it.. Presentations, group works, individual works.. -____-
No mood to study at all.. Half of my soul is at sg already, I think.. hahaha
well.. I've just finished one assignment tonight, feel relieved, actually.. Just need to print and make the cover tomorrow..
I can be diligent too, sometimes.. XD
okayy... Just pray that I pass this third semester well.. O:)

hey2.. I've been missing this my super busy bf.. wonder what's he doing now.. -___-

well.. gotta go to bed now and recharge energy for tomorrow's activity..

see you in few days, bloggie.. :D



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's been a while

hellooww, bloggiiee.. oraenmaniya...
I had a bad day.. I woke up with light fever and sore throat this morning.. So I had to skip work today.. *sigh
Really not a good timing to be sick..I've just started my college, and now I'm sick? :S
hmmm... I had my hair cut last Sunday.. Satisfied.. It's much much shorter, but I still feel shocked whenever I look at the mirror cause the colour is brighter than the old one.. haha.. Should get used to it in few days, I think..
hmmm.. feel really random tonight..
It's been a while that we didn't chat...
I know you're really busy.. yeahh.. I think I shouldn't bother you..
Just don't be sick and don't be too stressed.. :)

Well... I'm gonna take a good sleep also..
Goodnight there..



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 weeks~

yeap.. in another 3 weeks and hello.......

and also hello to....

counting down.....



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

That Golden Year

Hello there, bloggie...
Gonna post about the party that I had last Friday.. nyehehe..
I know it's a lil' bit late, but I still remember the details.. haha

Okay.. So actually it's Caris' mom's bday.. Her fiftieth.. Her golden year.. Her party really rocks!!
Had a great time with buddies.. That was the first time I've ever experienced clubbing.. *forgive me for being so good* XD
Although it's only for 20 mins, I think.. But it's super fun.. Wanna try going to the real one someday... hahaha.. XD
The MC's great.. The games were super epic, the meal was good, the alcohol was super also.. haha..
the decorations and the cupcakes were superbbb too.. XD

So before I post some pics, if you're reading this and you're under 18, please just exit and close the blog.. XD
But if you're not, please take your time reading it.. hahaha..

Let's get high XD





Cute stuffs XD

if you zoom to the last picture, you can see lots of forbidden stuff for kids.. hahaha.. curious? try to zoom then.. XD

So lastly, Happy 50th Birthday, Iie Jelin Rusli!! Thanks for the superb party!! :D



Sunday, September 2, 2012

My precious Sunday

Living in this world nowadays is like blinking eyes.. as fast as hell, I told you..
Well well.. here is the end of my precious Sunday..
I'm gonna award myself for staying at home last night and today *applause*
Finished my SKK Scandal and I'm super satisfied with the ending.. haha
and I watched 5 episodes of Big today.. They said the ending is not really satisfying..
yeahh.. the first 5 episodes are quite nice.. The main character sometimes looks dumb, but he's really man actually.. especially his abs.. ㅋㅋㅋ XD

I love watching K-Drama, but it will definitely 'randomize' me.. -___-
yeapp.. just like now.. totally random.. hahaha.. 
maybe i'm going crazy.. :S
너무 보고 싶어 :(

Not ready to face the reality that tomorrow is Monday.. They said college starts tomorrow.. Some says it's on the   10th.. Can I just not go likee... for good? -___-

Feels super lazy to study.. Haven't tidied up any of the stuffs.. hufff...Things that keep me alive is the fact that this is September already and in 25 days I'm going to spend my own money abroad.. ha!! Nobody will protest and I'll use it to buy whatever I want without feeling burdened.. ㅋㅋ

Just pray that I won't spend it all and I'll save it for that G-Note.. XD

So, because this is another random post, I'm gonna post a random video also..Anyone who is feeling blue, will definitely cry buckets after listening to this song.. 

because it's you, I'm still okay

Okay... Gonna end this random post and hit the bed..
Goodnight, bloggie..
Goodnight to you.. 사랑해 :)



Thursday, August 30, 2012


helllloooo, bloggiiee...
I'm so random now.. don't know what to do...
They said I'll start college by next Monday.. Still not ready yet..
It feels just like yesterday when I finished my tests and had my holiday.. and now it has to end.. hukss..
I'm watching one K-drama called SungKyunKwan scandal.. It's episode 18 now.. going to end soon.. curious with the ending.. Should finish it by this Saturday.. haha..

okay, so I'm attending my best fella's mommy's birthday party tomorrow.. Her mom rocks, really.. haha..
eotteoke? what to wear? going to search all through my wardrobe after I finish this post.. XD
fortunately it's black.. I suppose to have it, right? LBD is still the best, I think.. :D

well.. I just bought my SGD today.. why does it keep increasing each day? -___-
bought 850 sgd + last year's spare 30 sgd.. Should be enough for 5 days, right?
It's included Big Bang ticket which costs 231 sgd = Rp. 1.765.995
Really one month salary.. I thought I lost my mind when I bought that.. ha!
and I also bought their light stick which costs 25 sgd and and I join Singapore VIP's project, only 3 sgd, but we'll get blue light stick and a banner.. so I basically spend around 2 million for Big Bang.. hahaha..
quite a waste for the light stick, actually.. but... it's only once in a lifetime, so I think it's okay, right? haha

nice, right? XD

so I'll have 600 sgd to spend there.. shouldn't spend it all.. *pray*
maybe.... I need to ask my long-lost bf to pay for my food there? :p
just kidding, I'm not that bad.. but if he's willing to pay also okay.. ha.ha.ha.. *bleeqq*

btw, good luck with your slides.. seems like you're really busy right now,eh?
don't forget that you still have one gf waiting here.. XP

well then, gotta get going.. going to sleep after I know what to wear.. hahaha..
Goodnight, bloggie.. :)



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Currently in love with this new Taylor's song..
If this song was composed 4 years ago, perhaps this would be my most favorite song..Every word hits me.. LOL!

Enjoy :)



Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to reality

humm humm.. hey there, bloggie.. Today is the last day of my holiday.. huhuhu..
won't have holiday till next month.. yeeapppp.. it's my own holiday.. A trip to spore to see my oppas, yeobo and chinggu.. a month to go!! *dance*

Well well well.. Today is quite random... Maybe this is the Monday effect.. Still in holiday mood.. hahaha..
But no matter what we still need to go back to reality, right? we need to accept that tomorrow is Monday already and it's time to go to work.. wake up early again.. Fortunately I haven't started my college yet.. Still not ready.. feel so so lazy.. -___-

oh well then.. Will go to bed soon.. Need to fill up my energy for tomorrow..

Have a good and super night, bloggie!!

Hey there, missing you here.. :)



Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let go~

hmm.. heyya, bloggiee.. I had a sweet sour day today.
I got to see Ethan and brought him home today.. even though it was only for few hours.. but it's still worth it.. I really miss him so much.. He's healthy now.. His new owner loves him too..
But it still hurts me a lot whenever I see him and I have to accept the truth that he's not mine anymore..
okay, for new readers or anyone that passes by and read my blog, Ethan is my cute little dog which had been given to others.. hehe
I know that I have to let go.. I think this is the best for him and us.. He is healthy and he gets enough attention.. yeaahh.. Even I had to cry a lot and stopped talking to my parents for a while.. but by doing that won't change anything, right?
Some things can't be forced, if we need to let go, even if it hurts, but if it gives happiness at last, I think it's best to let go..
Just like some people in our life.. They come and go.. some will leave good memories, but some won't..
Some we need to let go and some we need to keep..
I've ever had this kind of situation, when I thought that I couldn't live without that person and I had to bear being hurt soooo many times by giving that person so many chances.. why should you stay if you are hurt, right?
So, it's a relief when I could finally get rid of that person totally and guess what? It's like tons of burdens being thrown away.. hah!
oh wait.. why do I bring up this topic suddenly? Need to blame my friend who bbm-ed me and asked my opinions about how to forget his ex.. He's struggling hard now, I think.. haha.. yeah2.. time heals.. as the time flows, I believe you'll forget her soon.. :)

Uurrmm.. I suppose to be watching Bourne Legacy in half an hour, they've bought my ticket.. But because my mom doesn't allow me to go, then I have to stay home tonight.. :'(
I know it's super late.. It's 23.50 pm movie, but it's satnite, mom.. :(

Oh well.. should've ended this post before it goes more random..

Have a good night, everyone!!
and for someone, good luck for your interview and presentation!! *hugsandkisses*



The long awaited post

hai2 again.. sorry for the postponed post.. a lot of obstacles to obtain the pics.. haha..
okayy.. where should I start?
Errmm.. We agreed to gather at 6 am in the morning, but yeahhh, we departed at 7.30 at last... always late.. haha.. Took a pic before we departed there..

In front of Michaela's house :D

We arrived there around 10 and then we stopped by "Tebu Manis" to have our breakfast.. Since we were all hungry.. haha




The Girls XD
The Boys XP
Then we continued to Lumbini, explored everything there.. Crossed the bridge, climbed the super long stairs.. Wilson said it's the stairs to Kung Fu Panda Temple.. LOL!
ran out of breath.. hahaha..

5 F + 1 M

Gold gold gold

don't get jealous :p
Sweet couple XD

The 'mighty' stairs 
The Monks XD
We are brothers
powerpuff girls XD
first step

second step

third step
okayyy.. then we went to Mikie Holiday, had lunch there, played some stuffs there, screamed a lot.. XD
selca madness


Jungle Resto

Still Jungle Resto



Still Volcano XD

Last pic at Mikie
well.. thanks to Eric that we could have this trip.. Let's have fun again next year.. hehe
Btw, long last with Michaela.. She's such a nice girl.. And I didn't know you're such a romantic guy also.. Love your couple rings.. Nice one!! :p



Thursday, August 23, 2012


hello, bloggie.. today is the most unproductive day in my life.. woke up at 11, took bath, had brunch, watched TV for a while, played games, took two hours nap *after I had ten hours sleep*, had dinner, and now I'm onlining while waiting for my photos.. -___-
yeaapp.. I'm waiting for Wikong to send our pics from yesterday trip..

Oyeeaahh.. And I'm seriously gonna save money for one G-note.. I've been aiming for one Android.. nyehehe..

errrmm.. Okay, then.. gonna post the pics once I receive them and gonna share some fun about our trip.. :D

see you on my next post real soon.. :D



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Super Blue

oh well, hey again, bloggie.. Exactly 12 am here and it means another six hours to my trip with my fellas.. excited? yepp.. quite, you can say.. hehe
hmmppff.. just got home one hour ago from karaoke.. two hours of shouting by spending 30k, quite worth it, I think.. haha..

so.... it's me again, feeling super blue.. wondering where have you been this whole day.. -___-
dying here, babe.. :(
okay then.. not much to say.. gonna hit the sack and have some sweet dreams.. recharge energy for tomorrow.. Gonna make myself happy, right? :)



Monday, August 20, 2012

Why always me?

hey again, bloggie.. just arrived home from my vacation.. had a nice trip..
but i hate the fact that i have to end it this fast.. tiring yet fun.. :D
hmm.. so, bloggie.. I'm really not in a mood right now.. my mom really knows how to step and crush my mood into pieces.. there's no time for me to enjoy and remember the feeling of this good mood, huh?
guess what? She lost her cardigan and yes she blamed me because I'm the last person that wore it.. I just don't wanna talk to her tonight.. whatever.. I'm just tired of everything.. None of the things I do is right..
I don't find the will to stay at home during holiday.. So don't blame me if I go out and arrive home late every night.. I'm just tired being nice..



Friday, August 17, 2012

The very first day

hey again, readerss... back with me again here... so today is the very first day of my holidays.. spent it not so wisely, you could say.. haha.. woke up at 12, watched dvd and had my late brunch, went to salon for a while, watched RM, blah blah blah.. -___-
I'm going to Prapat tomorrow.. for several days.. eerrmm.. I haven't packed anything until this second..
suddenly feels lazy to go.. huhuhu..

well, I broke my record yesterday, bloggiee.. I got home at 1.. I knew it's too late.. I watched The Expendables 2 yesterday with 3 of them.. Laugh a lot.. huahaha..
okay, yesterday was my first movie without you as my companion.. huks.. kind of missing you.. :'(
It just feels weird that I have to go back to my 'routine hang out' schedule after all of those times.. but I still enjoy it, though..
It sucks, you know, this whole long distance relationship things.. -___-
I'm just dying to see you.. :(
Even I try to keep myself busy, but not even a second you left my head.. what should i do? T.T

*deepbigsigh* okay, gonna end this soon.. gonna pack my things first.. see ya in few days, maybe?



Wednesday, August 15, 2012


halo kembali, bloggie.. Maafkan jika akhir2 ni saya selalu muncul di reading list kalian.. maklumilah anak kuliahan yang kuker ini yang sedang menikmati masa2 liburannya.. ㅋㅋㅋ

nah, mood gw hari ni lg super baik.. wae? soalnya besok hari terakhir kerja dalam minggu ini.. hahayyy!! *joged sambil kibas2 pom2* trus pastinya semua umat makhluk di Indonesia pada nungguin liburan panjang tuu.. trus ni ya.. gw bakalan kunjungin Tanah orang Karo di Parapat.. lumayan, ngabisin 3 hari dari liburan yang lumayan panjang.. hahaha..

truss.. puji Tuhan uang arisan gw cair.. ya.. emang ga banyak sih.. tp kalo ga cair, g jadi ngeBig Bang.. entar g jadi liat Oppa2 cakep.. sedih pisan dong.. XD
hbs dicairin ni, ud mau siap2 habis lagi tu duit.. bayar uang tiket, beli dolar singapurr, traktir emak gw makanan Jepang.. beneran lo.. emak gw requestnya gitu.. nusuk lagi.. "Jo, entar ud cair uang arisan lu, traktir w makan sushi ya, lu ud setahun kerja g perna traktir w makan e"... kalo dipikir2, durhaka juga gw jadi anak.. wkwk.. tp apa daya.. duit gw habis mulu.. -___-

udahan la ya.. bsk2 gw post lagi.. balik pake inggris..  :p



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tiga dan setengah

halo, bloggie.. Hari ini hari Selasa.. berarti beberapa hari lagi tujuh belasan.. trus ditambah a week off gr2 Idul Fitri.. Trima kasih buat bulan yg ngorbitin bumi jadinya Idul Fitri deket sama tujuh belasan..  hahaha..
uda, cukup dengan basa basi g jelasnya.. oya, yang baca pasti pada heran ya knpa kok bahasanya berubah gitu ya.. maklum, barusan siap baca blog galau dari temen gw dan hasilnya terinspirasi buat post pake bahasa ibu juga.. bener lo, lebih gampang ketiknya.. secara ga usah mikirin vocab, tenses segala macam.. XD

okhhayyy.. apa tema post kali ni?? tiga dan setengah.. apa itu? nah, itu tu umur anak anjing gw kayaknya.. :p
bukan.. tu umur gw dimana status gw bukan sebagai seorang jomblo.. untuk menegaskan, itu tiga setengah taon lo, bukan tiga setengah bulan.. XD
meskipun menurut sepupu gw yg super dodol itu, lebi cocok disebut tiga setengah bulan drpada taon.. huahaha.. kalo mao dipikir2, tiga setengah taon lama juga ya.. secara selama setaon ini gw hidupnya 'jablay' trus.. tu laki gw lebi senang belai gitar bassnya drpda cewenya ini.. *semoga yang ini ga kebaca* XD
kadang gw pun heran, kenapa gw betah banget sama elu.. dipelet kali ya?? XP
hmm.. maybe it's just simply because i love you too much? *jgn senyum2 sendiri bacanya* :p
ga banyak sih yg mau gw blg, yg penting elu baek2 aja sm gw.. jgn sering2 buat gw galau, nanti dikirain org gw disiksa sama eluuu.. hahaha..
udahan dulu ya.. jangan protes kalo post gw yang ini jeleq.. bsk2 g mau post lagi baru tau.. huh..  :p

and last, Happy 42nd monthsarry, dear.. :D *hugs*

jadi, readers, maafkan kalo malam ini saya ngepost sesuatu yang random lagi.. mood saya lagi asam manis pahit hari ini.. terima kasih kepada hormon dalam tubuh saya yang buat saya super sensi hari ini.. hehehe..



Monday, August 13, 2012


Hal paling galo yang bs gw lakuin skrg tu duduk depan laptop, mantengin foto2 Brides on 22, iseng2 buka websitenya, nemuin short movie mereka yang temanya galau banget trus tu diperanin sama sepupu jauh gw yg skrg ud mau beranak dua.. dia cocok jadi artis lo.. sumpah.. ganteng gitu.. -___-

trus ni ye.. ceritanya gw lupa isi pulsa dan g bisa sambung BB on lagi... trus bagi laki gw, kalo elu baca post ini, kalo gw msih hidup, berarti msn gw masih online.. kalo ud off berarti cewemu ni suda mimpi entah ke mana2 la ya..

yasuda, kalo misalnya saya ud tidur, goodnight lo ya.. :p

maaf, post ini random sekali.. saya tiba2 galau dan lapar di saat yang tidak tepat.. jadi harap maklum.. haha.. XD



The nice part of this job

Hello again, bloggiiee.. it's me again.. well.. of course it's me.. because this is my blog, who else will log in and post something if it's not me? haha..
okay, I've just finished watching RM 105.. truly hilarious.. Laugh out loud until my stomach hurt.. XD
It's such a freshener in my boring night.. haha
soo.. today I'm going to share about some cutiesss.. They're children that I love so much, even they're not my students.. haha..
I'll let you peek their pics.. XP

Samuel Chaiwinsky aka Sammy

This one is actually Ms. Nely's son.. She is our most senior teacher.. haha.. and she sure has a super cute kids.. Sammy is the first one and Lewis is the second one.. I don't have Lewis' pic here, but he is as cute as Sam too.. haha.. Sam is around 4 years old and Lewis is around 3 years old.. Those two siblings are too cute to be true.. They can play and tease each other.. Sam is really good at talking and his voice is as cute as hell.. XD


Then this one is Pandro De Naro.. The most handsome kid in my eyes.. He is the one that will hug and kiss you even without your asking.. haha.. He's the most favourite kid among teachers.. He's smart, polite, handsome, cute.. He's everything.. XD

Me and Karen XD

And the last is the cutest baby I've ever touch and carry.. haha.. Karen... She's so fair skin and she has two round and big eyes, she looks like a doll.. She's like 'piala bergilir' at IEC.. everyone wants to carry her.. haha.. I want one.. the one that cute like Karen.. :p

Maybe some people just hate to be around noisy children.. yes, I have to admit that I hate noisy children, especially if they start to scream and cry, but sometimes they can be cute as hell too and you can't help it but love them..

Yeahh.. being a teacher is hard.. I realize that I become stricter and my voice become louder and louder each day.. -___-
They said it's not good to become teacher for too long, cause it'll be hard for you to find a husband.. haha.. what saying is that? I actually can feel bored, sometimes... but seeing those cute kids sometimes can boost my passion also..
Maybe that's the nice part of becoming a teacher.. You get to see and know a lot of cute students and you'll want one so badly.. *just like me* XD

okay then.. Going to sleep soon.. still wondering where has my hubby gone.. -___-