Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm moving on

heyya, readers..
i've just come back from my very first trip with my different fellas..
yeahh.. it's fun..
even it's kinda touching moment..
it's a surprise and maybe we can say last gathering with Sir Hans..
he's going to quit.. and Ms. Cath will be our new AC..
actually, i feel grateful to be there.. i'm learning, socializing, and earning money of course.. haha..
all of my fellas there are great and nice..
i spent most of my time there, it's like my second house.. hehe..
i'm moving on..
yes, i got new friends and new environment... but still missing u and missing Quest.. :D

okay, actually id like to write something about my feelings, but i don't know how to arrange the exact words, maybe i'll just keep it to myself.. it's not a good one to be remembered and to be posted in this blog..
let's just see, will tonight be my second night? :)



Monday, August 22, 2011

Be Strong

okay, i don't know why, every Monday i will have bad mood..
and it will messed up my night.. just exactly like today..
i've planned everything inside my head, but seems like it's not destinied to be done yet..
yes, i love to dream.. eventhough i know it won't happen..
but can't i dream for my own happiness??
yes, i also ppl may not live in dreams..
ppl have to face reality..
but i hate reality...
sorry for not being grateful enough in my life..
sorry for complaining about everything..
okay, i'm moodless now.. just ignore this post.. *sigh*
i don't know even know why i am typing this pointless post..
can't find back my mood.. can't find back my happiness.. can't think of anything that makes me happy..
i wonder how long can i hold back these tears..
i know i'm weird, being moodless without any reason..
and i think i've lost my mind..
maybe this is the time that i feel stressed enough about everything..
keep telling myself, be strong, jo..
but i can't..
this is the fragile me..




Wednesday, August 17, 2011

lazy holiday

heeeyyyaaa, readersss...
uugghhh... today is holiday... and i have to admit that i am super duper lazy...
i woke up at 12 pm *this is too late*
then i had my brunch, bathed Ethan, cleaned myself up, then i went to Gramed to buy a novel and a comic..
it wasted my money actually, but shopping makes me happy.. haha..
this is a little way to enjoy my ordinary life.. XD
then i slept again... zzzzz... and i woke up at 7 pm to have my dinner...
and now i am staring at the computer screen and typing this unimportant post.. :p


Lazy Jowi ;p

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


hmmm... tomorrow is Indonesia's Independence Day.. quite excited because it's holiday...
but... i'm thinking what should i do to kill the time tomorrow.. should do another thing beside onlining and sleeping... hhmmmm...

oh yes, and i'm thinking a lot about another things too..
yesterday, i read my e-diary.. mixed up feelings.. funny, happy, sad, sweet, bitter.. everything is there...
reading that makes me realize that how much i love u that time.. and stillllll loving u until noww.. :)
it's really effective to refresh my memories..
yes, i know it's a stupid thing to do in the middle of the night..
i cried... and it made me tired, so i just fell asleep.. haha..
i'm really stupid, aren't i? but howww? can't help it... missing u is killing me..;)


Jowi :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

not my lucky day

*sigh* *sigh*
okayyyyy.... actually, since yesterday, i wasn't feeling well.. and, today i have to teachh..
yess.. and my level 7 students today have gotten extra power just to tease me and play..
the class was in chaos.. and yes.. AC were patrolling around third floor.. and i don't know what else to say.. :(
maybe today isn't my lucky day
*sigh* *sigh*


Jowi :(

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


yes.. tired.. i'm tired of everything.. just wanna skip and escape this life.. can I?
i'm not the one who ask to be born here..
it's not i'm not grateful enough, but, just.... tired...

Can't i have my own privacy and just some time to rest?
Working 8 to 4, arrive home at 6, yet u will keep nagging until 10..
how can i bear it?
seems like home is not really home for me..
it's suppose to be place for rest and peace inside it, isn't it?
but what is this?

yes, i should be grateful i still have a home..
and i shouldn't post something like this..

nothing is right.. everything goes wrong here..


Jowi :|

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life Goes On

Hoho.. howdy there, readerssss?
it's quite a long time since my last post ehh..
sorry for abandoning this blog for some timess.. haha..
a lil bit busy here... and many things happened..
the sad one :(, the happy one :), the funny one :D

okayyy.. whereee to starttt... hhuuufff...
*rewind my memories* chiung chiung chiungg..

hummm humm humm..
17th of July
i had a gathering with my fellas at Swisbell... why? coz one of my besties will go outta country to studyy....
who is shee? *sound of the drum*
Carissa Clarence and me

i've known her since the first year of junior high school... we knew each other bcoz of that Mading activity and we are "temen se-RT".. since my house is very close to hers.. and then, i joined UKDC and we became closer and she sat behind me for 2 years on junior high... i've learnt a lot of things from her.. she told me to keep dreaming and believing in my dreams.. *touched* :')
anddd... according to me, she is the most creative person i've ever known.. seems like there're tons of ideas inside her brain.. haha.. XD
she is an honest and 'to the point' type of person..
Casual but still fashionable.. *love the way u dress* :)
sometimes (or maybe always) moody.. haha..
oh goshh.. how i miss chit-chatting with u.. *sob*
and i also miss going to your house.. since it almost be my second house.. haha..
yeaahh... i won't forget the night of 18th July 2011.. a warm dinner with your family and our fellas.. MEMORABLE!! :)

Okay, after 18th of July for sure i'll face 20th of July... *sigh*
that's the day that Carissa left and my cousin left... they go to the same college in Singapore...
and they are my besties who usually accompany me to go sightseeing or whatever... *sigh again*
now they have gone, feels like my social life is dragged to the bottom of the hell.. :(
and by the way, this is the pic of me and my cousin..
Jesslyn Felicia Tanita and me
Do we look alike?? XD   

i share my stories and my problems with her... and since she is not here anymore.. this blog will be the replacement to share my probs.. but it's still not nice... coz nobody will give you suggestion and advice like what she did.. *sigh*
as what i've said just now... she is my shopping besties.. eating besties.. movie bestiess... and also my fashion advisor.. haha..
Jesus Christttt..!!! who can accompany me like you used to do? *sob*
feels different heree youu knoww...

Okayyy.... finished with 20th July 2011... noww.. another farewell i have to face is the farewell of my beloved one....
25th July 2011
i had a wonderful dinner.. *i won't call it last dinner*
i hate that 'last' word..
a night that i'll treasure inside my heartttt... <3
can't tell u the details here.. just let me, u and God know it.. ;)

26th July 2011
the day of your departureeee... i didn't cryy... eventhough it's very hard to be stronggg..
yes, i also feel weird, why didn't I cry??
but still... crying won't change anything, will it, deaaarr?
but one thing i know for sure isss.... YESS!!! every second that i spent was for missing uuu....
and while i'm typing this post, my mind is thinking about youuu.. and maybe when u read this post, u'll miss me.. hah!! :p

I love you, dear.. <3

okayyyy.... after this sad and killing farewell.. i had a little journey with HJ's team.. XD
at first, we were planning to eat eel, but the plan was messed up because the eel has gone to heaven aka no more... soo... we directly change destination... from eel to...............PORK!! HAHAHA!! still remember thisss #belutbantingbabi.. nyahaha..
and then we went to Cemara to have some photoshoot, we should have some memories, right? ;)
Vero, Jojo n me :)

 oh yeah, and why we were having this trip? another one of my besties will go to spore to study...
and yes.. she is Veronica Salim... Maybe you can say that she is the first friend of mine when i first entered junior high school.. Not exactly the first, but she is the one that close to me that time.. :)

okayy.. my first impression about her when i first met her... she is kind and charming..
she is not stingyy.. love shopping so much... fashionableeee... love his brother so muchh.. XD
easy going... moody.. careless.. *she always lose her things* haha..
it's nice to be a friend of her..
yeah, although we had some issues last time because of a stupid guy *you-know-who,right?* XD
but i believe it's only some misunderstandings..
nahhh... i don't wanna talk about that anymore.. haha.. since it's a long long long time ago...
but... i want you to know that i have no regrets to be your friend.. on the contrary, i feel grateful to have u as a part of my story in my life.. :)

well.. "Friends"... some of them come and go...
but, what can i say? Life goes on, people.. all i need to do is to be strong and continuing my life.. :)
and for those who have left.. i just want u all to know that i miss u guysss.... *hugandkisses*


Jowi ;)