Thursday, June 21, 2012

officialy 19

hello there!! i'm in a good mood today!! ha!
it's my birthday!! yeayy!! i think i should post and share some happiness here..
well, i had a little surprise from my colleague... didn't cross my mind that they would make me become a cake with lotsss of flour and water.. haha..
it's the first time for me to take a bath in IEC toilet.. kinda scary, though.. wkwkwk
feel blessed with much love from people around.. thanks for the purse and shoes.. love it so much!! *gonna post the pic later*
oh well.. gonna enjoy my holiday and meet my yeobo and my Clanidyan gank tomorrow.. gonna see Ethan too!! haha..
can't wait for it.. ;)

What a good day!



Wednesday, June 20, 2012


hey hey hey.. i feel like my blog is an abandoned graveyard, huh? haha
sorry for not posting these few weeks.. so lazy to type things that happened..
i had bad weeks.. need some time to recover my mood.. hehe..
but well, today i'm feeling good.. should've feel grateful each day, right?
gotta have days off from work soon.. have just signed my new contract.. quite satisfied about the new salary.. should earn more more more.. gonna save money for big bang.. ahaha..
since when i turned into VIP? :p
okay, well.. i'm turning 19 tomorrow.. should enjoy the last year of my teen wisely, right? XD
excited? not really.. what's so special about birthday? it's just a celebration of yourself getting older..
just wanna spend it greatly with family, friends and of course with my beloved one.. that should be great.

actually i have tonssss of things that i've been keeping inside here, just haven't found the right way to express it.. maybe someday I'll find a way and type it here.. ;)

sooo.. gotta go.. tonight is just another random night..




Monday, June 4, 2012


tell me how to escape the reality..
give me a day without any pressure or problems..
give me a corner to put away my stress..
when there's no more place to go, tell me what should i do..
when I'm tired enough of the pressure that I have, but certain people just won't understand and keep giving me that endless pressure..
when will it come to an end?
I would have runaway from this place if i haven't thought about it properly..
how wonderful that several good things can be ruined in seconds..
do you ever think about how I feel?
when it's hurting so badly, but you couldn't show it..
when I'm suppose to cry, but I'm forced to smile and pretend everything's good..

yes, just keep nagging and complaining..
I'm nothing but just a punching bag where u can throw your anger..

going c.r.a.z.y soon



Sunday, June 3, 2012


heyyyyaaaaa, readers...
it's been two weeks since my last post...
well.. have been busy with exams and assignments..
fortunately i could do it well all.. *praise the Lord*
okayyyy soooo today is a great day.. had a great lunch.. had a great chat.. *i did the talking most of the time, i think* :p
watched a 'quite' good movie.. haha.. XD
the point is it's so good to finally see you again.. *hugs*
you have no idea how much i miss you....
and i'm still missing you right now.. :p

btw, have u seen the things that i gave to youuuu?
hope u like it.. worked hard for that.. :p
and that t-shirt.. wear it next time i see you.. ;)
it's an anniversary gift that has been postponed for 3 months.. huahaha..

well, happy belated bday once again, my dear... thanks for loving me and thanks for making me fall for you all over again..;D *why is this so random?*

okay, i diagnose myself with 'love' sickness which symptoms are daydreaming all the time, thinking about the same person all the time, missing the same person all the time.. think i'm going crazy soon.. thanks to these 2AM's 'galau' songs which made me even more random.. haha..

Lots of love,