Sunday, October 21, 2012


hello, bloggie...
it's me.. feeling random.. again.. every Sunday..
time really does fly.. see.. it's 21 October already and I'm going to have mid test soon... stressed out.. -__-

it's been two weeks.. whatever..
as I always tell myself, "care less, expect less, so u'll be hurt less"

forgive my randomness



Monday, October 8, 2012

Saengil chukae, chingu

helooo, bloggiee.. I'm back today with a birthday post for my beloved friend...
Yess... No need to think twice if I mention about 9th October.. It's definitely Ms. Carissa Clarence's birthday.. Chukae for turning twenty.. Finally you've become young adult.. ahahaha.. XD
Thanks for being my friend for these 7 years, thanks for being a good adviser and motivator.. XD
Keeps your passion in fashion.. I know you can pass through all of those hard times, cause I know you're strong.. :D

And thanks for being patient enough to stay with us, the crazy quartet which have caused you lots of headache and problems.. eventhough we caused you lots of problems, we still love u no matter what.. :p
Wish you a great year ahead.. I believe you have a big blast and great surprises this year, even before your birthday.. you know what I mean, right? haha..
Wish I was there also at this moment.. :(

ohyeahh.. who said that we don't have complete picture of us? I found it!! see?? hahaha

Lastly, Have a superb superb birthday, dear!!
See you real soon :*



Sunday, October 7, 2012


have you ever been in a situation where you don't like something but you're stuck and you couldn't say it out loud so you just keep it to yourself and it puts you into seriously some shit of bad mood?
yeapp.. that's what happening to me right now.. It has been two days actually.. Trapped in my own thoughts..
I understand that people will change one day, but can I just not accept the changes that happened?
I know it's a selfish thing not to accepting those changes, it's people's rights to change..

well yeah, whatever.. it's the gloomiest Sunday ever... Has been doing assignments for 3 hours and there's still lots of assignments left.. My head is hurting like hell and mood is dropping like shit.. Next week will be hectic!!

Feels like giving up college already.. Don't the lecturers know that studying and working at the same time is a super tiring things to do?

I even don't know what shit I am learning about right now.. I'm mad.. mad with myself..
life is so screwed



Monday, October 1, 2012


hai2.. bloggie.. it's my last day here.. my long awaited holiday has come to an end.. enjoyed it a lot.. feels like staying few more days.. XD
firstly I'm gonna say big thanks to my dodol cousin who has accompanied me for these 5 days.. i dunno what to do without you.. hahaha..
and thanks to my babe for accompanying me for these 3 days and carrying my shopping bags for this whole day... .. love u muchhh. :* miss you already :'(
and also thanks to my friends who have spared some of their time for me.. you guys are the best.. XD

gonna save money and come again next year XD

well, gonna miss you so much again.. :p see you in December, dear.. :)

before i end my post.....
here are some pics from the trip.. :)