Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who am I?

heyyaa, readers...
sorry for not updating these few weeks..
been busy with all stupid assignments..
sometimes, i don't understand, why should i study this hard and why should i work that hard to live this world?
it's not i'm giving up with my life..
i just don't understand myself..
what do i want actually?
did i choose and decide the right things for myself?
can i stand longer?
work and study at the same time.. -__-
i'm tired..
i have been sick for two or three times since I started my college..
i can't imagine what will happen when exam time comes..
maybe i'll just go die and hang myself..
can i just quit?
but some part of me enjoy the life of college, what should i do?
this random feeling keep coming.. haunting me.. -___-
oh God... lead me lead me.. need to find the desire in me soon..


Tired Me, Jowi :|  

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011


heyya, readers.. sorry for the not updating my blog these few days..
too tired just to sit in front of my PC..
actually, finally i had my own lappie, yeahh, even it's not the new one, but still it's super useful..
i just need a new webcam and a new mouseee... huff.. another expenses...

okay, this is satnite, i spent it by washing a ton of dishes and a horrible mood..
seems like this is the 'best' satnite ever, huh?

okay, i'm in no mood to type anymore, readers..
see ya in my next post..