Monday, July 30, 2012

:D :) :S

ohmaigadd!! super sorry for the abandoned blog.. i've been busy with several things.. exams, the end of the term and the beginning of new term at IEC, busy hanging out, busy spending money, busy thinking of lotss of thingss.. ha.ha.ha

well.. lots had happened during this one month... had lots of fun and sweet memories.. thanks to my pals and my honey.. :p
and then it means the start of my torturing days will start soon.. ha.ha.ha *michigetta*

My buddy and my cousin are going back too.. huhu.. will really be left alone again.. :'(
gonna bury myself.. -___-

Gonna survive for about two months and hello Big Bang! ha!

seriously, i think this post is too random to be true..
okay, i admit i type this with super random feeling..
but, whatever, i'm allowed to type whatever i want, aren't I? XD

so, the highlight of the post is.... i'm gonna talk about a bit of my past.. i know it's quite risky to type this kind of things.. but it doesn't mean anything, though.. it's not i'm randomly thinking about EXs.. Hell no!! just wanna share some things.. :p

well, i had long chat with my dodol cousin.. she's always be my 'curcol' place since the Ice Age era.. haha
and she knows me well, i believe...
soo.. just now, we talked about some random stuffs, and we end up sharing about my stories and hers.. hehe..

it's funny to think about how i can end up having a relationship with YOU, maybe this is fate, huh? :p

well, i'm the type that fell in love easily, but once i fell, it would be really hard to let go.. i think that's the curse of being a Cancer.. -___-

okay, to be honest, i fell for some other guys, of course before i knew you.. haha..
starting from that guy who used to call me everyday when i was in primary 4, till that guy whom i dated for three days *screw him and why the hell did i accept??* and that guy whom was 'unreachable' and that shitty b*stard that i dated for two years which i still hate until this second.. *sorry,  but that's the consequences for hurting me too much*

and at last i found you.. hehe.. i used to write everything in my e-diary and i can remember clearly how much i loved you back then and yes, i still love you that much till today.. even more, i think.. :)
there's no reason not to love you cause u know how to make me fall for you even more each day..

okhhaayyy... i think i better end this post soon before your head gets bigger.. :p

Neomu saranghaeeeee, yeobooo.. *hugsss

Gonna miss youuu... :(