Sunday, November 17, 2013


well hello there!!
it's been months since my last post..
how to sum up my life for few months in words??
I would say bitter sweet sour salty.. haha.. yeap.. these few months weren't that bad, i think..
Let me highlight some wonderful events..
uurrmmm.. I passed semester 4 without any big problem and with a very satisfying score..
then... I had GD's world tour concert on June, travelling around Jakarta and Bandung..
had a wonderful 20th bday with best buddies and family..
thennn.. travelled around with buddies.. so much fun!!
let's see.. what else? oh yeah.. had some feelings problems.. haha.. some misunderstanding with crush, rejections, broken hearted.. lol..
Getting promoted to a better job position and better salary, of course.. haha..
Then I tried to teach private students at their house.. Tired, at first.. Got so many problems and complaints, but thanks God I passed those troublesome times and yeah it's going well now.. Though I have to work from 8 am to 10 pm Monday to Friday.. get used to it now.. hihi..
Hardwork pays off.. I could buy a new phone for Daddy and spend a little better for myself.. and I'm proud of it.. :)

oh well. let me get to the part why I'm posting this in the middle of Saturday night..
so tonight I had long and deeppppp comfy conversation with my 2 best bros..
yeah almost about everything..
then I realized that how flat my life is.. To be honest I still live without knowing what is my purpose of my life..
but whom to blame? I'm happy now.. at least I tried to convince myself that I'm happy.. Am I? Happy?
My 2 bros.. they have dreams.. Their visions of their future.. while I'm still blurred.. haha
it's okay.. they're men.. I support their dreams.. wondering what will us be when we reach our mid 20 or maybe mid 30.. will we still be that close? I share almost everything to them.. Wonderful listeners and wonderful companions.. Yes, they are.. What will I be without them?

I learned lots of things from everything that happened in these few months..
"what goes around comes around"
Karma does exist..
If you do good, you'll get something better..
I'm learning to let go what's not mine..
Trying to open my mind to see things in different ways..
Understanding others better..
Accepting reality..

I miss that person sometimes.. yeah.. sometimes..
I know things will never be like what we want, but I can wish on a falling stars, right?
Wishing for the impossible to happen...