Saturday, May 9, 2015


Well, hello.. it's been a year.. it is such a miracle that I am still able to remember the password to my blogspot. haha

Anyway, this is the new me. I'm not saying I had a plastic surgery and transform into new person.. haha.. I am new inside.. how to put this in a much simpler word? Happy.. Yes, I am happy now.

Zillions of things happened within a year. Friends that are no longer friends, friends' marriages, friends' break-ups, overseas trips. Well, I am thankful those memories color my life and I am becoming more mature than before.

I changed. My friends say I have changed. I realize I have changed. To a better person, I believe. 

When did this start? I should say maybe since some internal problems occurred in my family. I had to struggle a lot. I left God, to be honest. I started questioning God's love and presence. Then I got mad at Him. I left Him. I stopped praying. Then I realized I was lost. Totally lost.
But, I knew He never leave me alone. He restores everything. He picks me back. Through my cousin, His Words came to me. I started growing some better faith inside. I started giving thanks for every single thing that happened in my life. Then I know today I am one of the many many lucky people in this world.
I started seeing miracles, even sometimes I got goosebumps by myself.. haha..

So actually what's the point of my post today?
I just wanted to share and spread some good feeling to whoever that read this post.. 
Believe in yourself, knows that God loves you and He will always will.. Even when the whole world hates you, knows that He loves you if you have faith in Him.

And well, this might be the last post from me for this blog.. I am planning to make a new blog.. To start fresh.. it will be a beauty blog.. I'll share about some makeup tips, makeup reviews, and even videos if possible..haha.. but don't get your hopes up too high.. I can't promise when will I launch this new blog.. but let's just wait for it ;)