Monday, June 27, 2011


heyya, ppl.. this is me again sitting in front of my computer and seeing at my old pictures..
i keep wondering why did i have a haircut like that?? i didn't know what i was thinking that time.. :S

4 years agooo...
3 years ago
what bang is that? XD

2 years ago...
this is the quirkiest haircut i've ever had.. lol

a year ago

and then it's getting longer.....
(half year ago) XD

three months ago....

and noww....
this picture was taken few weeks ago... and i have cut my hair a month ago... XD

taraaaaa!! and that's me nowww.... i know it's unimportant post... hahaha...but i'm having fun posting this post.. XD
welll.. that's exactly how i look right now.. uuhhmmm.. probably someday i'll dye my hair and curl it up..
let's wait and see.. ;) 


Jowi :D

the night i don't want to remember

so, it's me here, sitting alone in front of the computer, typing this post with complicated mind and heart.. :S
still the moody me tonight.. i don't know why i am feeling like this.. i hate when i got nothing to do like this..
it makes me have time to think.. about everything.. even the trance music can't heal me.. oh geezz... >.<
and blame my playlist for playing sad song for me while i type this.. and it totally brings me down now.. :'(
i want to cry.. crying makes me feel better.. yeah, even crying makes me tired too.. and makes me sneezy..

hey, does it really true that if u laugh a lot at the daytime then u'll cry at night? :S
if it's true, well, i think i just laughed too much today.. XD

sooo.. today is my sweet sour day.. and i will remember the day, but i won't remember the night.. :)




Friday, June 24, 2011


today is the moody-est day ever!!
OMG!! i didn't know what happen to me today.. :( :) :'( :D
i think i'm going crazy.. seriously... zzzz...

oh yeah.. btw.... I miss u badly here, dear someone who i love too much..


Moody Jowi 

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I think this is just a random post coz tonigt i'm feeling so random on this saturday night..*sigh*
seriously, what do i live for???
it's just like when i find something i love, nobody is encouraging me... they're just dragging me back..
i really feel confused about this..
i know it's for my own good.. but please respect my own choice..

oh yeah, and i don't know what do i work hard for...
life is just super unfair all the time..
if i work just to pay for my college fee, then i prefer not to work at all..
if i don't work, u'll still pay for me, right, mom?
yeah, just see thenn..
i'm one hundred percent sure ur little lovely boy won't use any of his own money when he enters the college coz u'll be paying for HIM...
oh yeah, and please stop comparing me to the others.. i hate that.. like i was never good enough for u...


Jowi :'(

Monday, June 13, 2011


heyyaa there, ppl...
i'm going to die because of this boredom, ppl.. got nothing to do..
and i hate it..
it's gonna make me think of weird things which will make me emo.. *shd stop doing this*
i have nothing on my mind too, don't know what should i post.. oh geeezzz.......


Jowi >.<

Monday, June 6, 2011


i hate doing this, and i hate to face the fact that I AM COUNTING days.. and it's getting closer to lose YOU, YOU and YOU.. and it's killing me.


Jowi :(


heyya, bloggie!!
Haven't seen u in few days.. sooo.. it's because i've been busy preparing for my job interview and hanging out with my fellas..
if i have to admit it, I had superb day, bloggie.. that feeling that anybody wouldn't understand..
it's just mixed up.. we were so close and it was superbbb..
i don't know whether day like that will ever exist again..

okay, so this is about my cutie little friend, since he's leaving soon and there's this feeling that isn't ready to say goodbye.. i'll surely miss his jokes.. he's just like little brother for me... u won't stand his cuteness.. haha.. XD

okayy.. i think that's all i want to share.. it' too complicated to be written down here.. sooo.. i'll just keep the rest for myself..


Jowi ;)