Thursday, February 16, 2012

What if?

okay, bloggie.. i had a bad day today..
super bad and unlucky day..
first, there are lots of new applicants today and i think that they're going to take over my classes which means, i will not have extra hours anymore..
okay, nevermind, not really big deal actually..
the worst part of today is when i was about to go home, i had car accident..
yes, no worry, i'm okay.. only the car is a little bit flattened on the in front part..
pissed off,of course.. but somehow i'm still thankful that nothing happened to the passengers...
Fortunately my driver slow down a little bit because the public transport drove like hell and it's really fast.
if we were fast also, probably it would be a tragic accident, and maybe u guys would see me on the newspaper..-____-
i had small heart attack just now..
i thought that i was about to die because the crash was quite hard..
and this issue made me think, what if i died just now? or what if i was dying now in the hospital?
how would other people react about that?
we really couldn't predict what will happen to us even for the next second..
i really could've died just now.. it was a short and quick accident, but still, my heart stopped for seconds..
so, people, stop complaining about your life and start thanking God that u still can breath until today.. *saying this to myself*



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Yeayy yeayy yeayy!!
Happy 3rd anniversary, dear..
time really flies so fast.. it's our third year already..
I had been through a lot of moments with you, but still i love u that muchh... ;)
and i'll love u even more...
i would like to have another fourth, fifth, sixth and endless anniversary with you.. :p

PS : it's so hard to take these pics.. so, please stare at them whenever u miss me.. :p


Jowi <3

Friday, February 10, 2012

3 and less than 3

heyya, readers...
got some inspiration because of that stupid notification, so i typed this post regarding to this valentine's day.. :p
okay, just typing some questions that popped up in my mind..
just a test for u to do.. :p

okay, let's start from the easiest one..
-how did u propose?
-what did u give to me and what was the reason?
-what was my first answer to your proposal?
-what year was it?
-where did we go the next day?
-what was our first movie?*ican'trememberthisone* XD
-what was your first birthday present from me? second?? third?? :p
-mention one thing that i always order at itcho.. *tooeasy,huh?*
-what starbucks' flavour that i order all the time? *thisiseasytoo* XD
-words that i love to say the most whenever i'm "ngambek" *whatisthetranslationforthis?*
-mention one book that u've ever bought for me
-which restaurant did we go during my seventeenth birthday? *think*
-how did we celebrate the first anniv? second anniv? 
-what was the last movie that we watched together? *thinkevenharder*

i think these should be enough first... have fun reading and answering them... :p


Jowi =p

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another lesson

oh yeah, before i forgot to post this....
this afternoon, it was a fire on Sukaramai, and it's quite big, it burnt around 80 houses there..
unfortunately, that kue2 seller in front of IEC is one of the victims..
they lost all of their things..
just imagine that u're working and then u got a phone call saying that your house was burnt and nothing left..
i think i will suicide.. -___-
yeap, so another lesson to learn, cherish every second that u live and live your life like there's no tomorrow..
and remember to spread the love, people..


Jowi :*


yes, hell, everybody, hell..
First, today is Monday, the laziest day in the week..
Second, i have to work early in the morning, teaching 3 classes..
8.15 am with 10 students, consist of 1 slow student, 2 super spoiled students and all of them seems to love me so much cause they kept calling me "Miss.. Miss.. Miss, sharpen.. Miss, no eraser.. Miss, I want to pee.. Miss, I no take pencil.. Miss, I want to drink.. Miss, this one speak hokkien.. Miss, this one push  me.. Miss, this one hit me.." and so on.. can u imagine that? Why kids like to report everything so much? :S
And I don't know what happen with this student, he's so stubborn and this was the second time he cried because of little thing.. yes, i know they're moody and they still love to play.. especially Monday.. -___-
I also have one student that super spoiled, she's very slow in writing, love to daydream a lot.. What was she thinking actually? I should call her name a hundred times to ask her to write..
I will send her to remedial class, hope that will help her a lot.. *pray*

Next, another class at 10.45 am, with 6 students only, consist of 1 spoiled students, 3 who can't sit down properly, and the other 2 are quite good..
Even though it's only 6 students, but it's like jungle.. they couldn't sit down properly, they love to jump and play around.. I had to say "SIT DOWN!!" for a thousand times.. *sigh*
Well, i have one student name Sydney, she is so cute.. so chubby like a teddy bear, i love to hug her so much.. it's really like hugging big teddy.. *hug*
but... she is so spoiled.. just now she cried and refused to enter the class just because her nanny forgot to take her new Hello Kitty watch and new bracelet.. and i was like "OMG.. why are you so spoiled?"

I have faced two crying students today.. It's quite easy to make them stop crying actually.. haha..
Just asked them to drink water and then said "Good girl, right? Good girl may not cry.. Later Miss give candy if you stop crying"
but i never give them candy actually.. fortunately they never asked.. haha..

Okay, enough with KG students, now let's move on to Level class..
Today I taught Level 1 class, that hell class with 16 students, consist of 11 good girls and 3 boys that was raised from hell and the other 2 boys who are quite okay..
This is my third meeting with them, i was really angry last meeting..
I've never been this angry before.. I really shouted to those boys and they thought that I was playing..
I thought that they would change, but today was just the same, even worse..
I hated it when I was talking, and you're shouting on your seat.. What do you think I am? Broken radio?
If u loathe studying, no need to study.. At least appreciate your other friends that want to study..
Just because your parents are rich doesn't mean that u can act whatever you want.. I am your teacher and you should give me a little respect..

Well well well, whatever.. it has passed for today finally.. and i'm very happy that i could do my math exam correctly.. XD

but wait, i'm complaining in a super long post about my students it doesn't mean that i hate my job...
no, i love my job.. i love to see the students' laughter, i love to see their innocent heart.. even their sometimes annoying.. haha...
but when u're loved by your students, it's like super happy and proud feeling.. XD

I  learnt a lot as i become a KG teacher, such as....
first, i will never spoil my kids later.. haha.. it's okay to spoil a little bit, but spoil too much is just not good..
second, i will communicate and take care my kids by myself, won't let them to become nanny's kids..XD
third, i will always review their school's lessons at home, because i understand the pain of the teachers... *seriously, parents, why can't you cooperate? :(((*

Okay, enough, it's out of the topic already..
Better end this post before I type another stupid things.. hahahaha...


Jowi ;)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Visit

hello, guys.. it's been a whilee....
well.. i'm gonna share an experience of mine..
today i went to an elderly house..
this is my first time going to such place...
it really breaks my heart to see elderly people being abandoned by their children..
how come they have that heart to send their parents there?
i tried to be strong just now.. i held my tears really hard..
even some of my friend had started to cry.. i bit my lips so hard, so my tears wouldn't fall down..
yes, u know i'm such a crybaby.. i couldn't stand seeing other people cry..
we shouldn't cry in front of the elderly..
theennn.. this was really really heart-breaking..
there was a blind and old grandpa, being left alone in the room, without anyone there..
even he couldn't reach his food and drinks.. helpless..
and i couldn't hold my tears anymore..
i cried.. really cried...
and i also met another grandpa.. he told us that he's abandoned by his son..
his son lost all his money in gambling, the house that belonged to that old grandpa was sold, and he was sent to this elderly house..
when i listened to his story, i couldn't help myself but cried again...
seeing those elderly people, reminds me of my grandpa..
i'm so thankful that i still have one wonderful grandpa in my life..
and i also learnt that we should love our parents more..
even they are super annoying sometimes.. but, still, they're our parents..
and another thing that i get, tell that u love them to people that u love and cherish every moment with them because we don't know what will happen tomorrow.. they can suddenly leave us and when that time comes, it's too late to tell them that we love them..
so, people, spread the love in this month of love..
even i don't have my companions this valentine. haha... but still we can spread the love.. :)

I Love You


Jowi <3

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Yes, this is me.. exam week, but it turns out that i am sitting here, onlining and playing games..
I don't really care anm about my college.. whatever the result will be, just let it be..
I just don't have that passion to study.. If I could choose, I would prefer to not studying..
I could teach private and earn more if I didn't study..
It's sad but it's the truth, it's not I'm money minded, but it's just how I feel..
the more money that I could earn, the happier I would be..
I could buy anything that I want using my own money..
I want to travel and see the world..
but seems like life is just too unfair to me..
I don't know how to explain it..
It's just my heart aches really bad whenever that problem crosses my mind..
I never ask to be put in this condition..
I couldn't choose to be born in other places..
It's just like you're very sorry to be trapped in this situation..
You never think of my feeling whenever you start whining and complaining..
Yes, I commented nothing.. but it's not that I'm not hurt..
Maybe you forget that I've grown up.. I learnt from reality, I got a lot of lessons outside..
But you never know and will never understand..
No one.. nobody understands..