Sunday, September 23, 2012

ex ex excited

helloooowwww, my bloggiiee...
my Sunday is almost over.. well.. yeah, I'm a little bit random tonight...
It's another 4 days to my trip.. excited? of course.. couldn't wait for it any longer.. haha..
I have lots of plans in my head, keep thinking which one to fulfill first.. kekeke.. XD

okay, I don't know why, but suddenly and randomly I'm missing youu.. and put me in this state of 'galau'ness.. -___-

whoever read this post must be super confused with my post..
ignore the grammatical errors.. can't even think properly right now.. huahaha..
I think I'm going crazy soon, seriously..

so, before this post gets any weirder, better end it faster..


The one who is seriously missing you right now

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.... BANG!!

hohoii, bloggiiee... today's 18 and it's officially 9 days to go... *dance dance dance*
I haven't contacted my dodol cousin for several days.. She's too busy, I think.. She even doesn't have time to go and take my lightstick.. huhuhu..

I've entered college for one week.. and guess what? It's really hectic!! the assignments... oh God.... don't want to mention about it.. Presentations, group works, individual works.. -____-
No mood to study at all.. Half of my soul is at sg already, I think.. hahaha
well.. I've just finished one assignment tonight, feel relieved, actually.. Just need to print and make the cover tomorrow..
I can be diligent too, sometimes.. XD
okayy... Just pray that I pass this third semester well.. O:)

hey2.. I've been missing this my super busy bf.. wonder what's he doing now.. -___-

well.. gotta go to bed now and recharge energy for tomorrow's activity..

see you in few days, bloggie.. :D



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's been a while

hellooww, bloggiiee.. oraenmaniya...
I had a bad day.. I woke up with light fever and sore throat this morning.. So I had to skip work today.. *sigh
Really not a good timing to be sick..I've just started my college, and now I'm sick? :S
hmmm... I had my hair cut last Sunday.. Satisfied.. It's much much shorter, but I still feel shocked whenever I look at the mirror cause the colour is brighter than the old one.. haha.. Should get used to it in few days, I think..
hmmm.. feel really random tonight..
It's been a while that we didn't chat...
I know you're really busy.. yeahh.. I think I shouldn't bother you..
Just don't be sick and don't be too stressed.. :)

Well... I'm gonna take a good sleep also..
Goodnight there..



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 weeks~

yeap.. in another 3 weeks and hello.......

and also hello to....

counting down.....



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

That Golden Year

Hello there, bloggie...
Gonna post about the party that I had last Friday.. nyehehe..
I know it's a lil' bit late, but I still remember the details.. haha

Okay.. So actually it's Caris' mom's bday.. Her fiftieth.. Her golden year.. Her party really rocks!!
Had a great time with buddies.. That was the first time I've ever experienced clubbing.. *forgive me for being so good* XD
Although it's only for 20 mins, I think.. But it's super fun.. Wanna try going to the real one someday... hahaha.. XD
The MC's great.. The games were super epic, the meal was good, the alcohol was super also.. haha..
the decorations and the cupcakes were superbbb too.. XD

So before I post some pics, if you're reading this and you're under 18, please just exit and close the blog.. XD
But if you're not, please take your time reading it.. hahaha..

Let's get high XD





Cute stuffs XD

if you zoom to the last picture, you can see lots of forbidden stuff for kids.. hahaha.. curious? try to zoom then.. XD

So lastly, Happy 50th Birthday, Iie Jelin Rusli!! Thanks for the superb party!! :D



Sunday, September 2, 2012

My precious Sunday

Living in this world nowadays is like blinking eyes.. as fast as hell, I told you..
Well well.. here is the end of my precious Sunday..
I'm gonna award myself for staying at home last night and today *applause*
Finished my SKK Scandal and I'm super satisfied with the ending.. haha
and I watched 5 episodes of Big today.. They said the ending is not really satisfying..
yeahh.. the first 5 episodes are quite nice.. The main character sometimes looks dumb, but he's really man actually.. especially his abs.. ㅋㅋㅋ XD

I love watching K-Drama, but it will definitely 'randomize' me.. -___-
yeapp.. just like now.. totally random.. hahaha.. 
maybe i'm going crazy.. :S
너무 보고 싶어 :(

Not ready to face the reality that tomorrow is Monday.. They said college starts tomorrow.. Some says it's on the   10th.. Can I just not go likee... for good? -___-

Feels super lazy to study.. Haven't tidied up any of the stuffs.. hufff...Things that keep me alive is the fact that this is September already and in 25 days I'm going to spend my own money abroad.. ha!! Nobody will protest and I'll use it to buy whatever I want without feeling burdened.. ㅋㅋ

Just pray that I won't spend it all and I'll save it for that G-Note.. XD

So, because this is another random post, I'm gonna post a random video also..Anyone who is feeling blue, will definitely cry buckets after listening to this song.. 

because it's you, I'm still okay

Okay... Gonna end this random post and hit the bed..
Goodnight, bloggie..
Goodnight to you.. 사랑해 :)