Monday, April 4, 2011


What is the meaning of life? For me, life is unfair..

What's so fair about life when u are always the one to be blamed eventough u didn't do anything..
That's my life.. They are unfair.. I don't know what makes them love him more than me..
I don't know what makes them care about him more than they care about me.. I didn't ask to be born earlier..



Sunday, April 3, 2011

tick tock

Time is ticking, faster than we can imagine.. in 2 weeks, we'll have national exam..
no.. it's not the exam that i worry about.. it's about me and people around me...
i believe it'll be different between us..
i'll miss my friends and the laughter that they have given me..
i hate to say goodbye, i hate farewell.. i don't want to lose them..
i'm sorry for being so moody lately, i don't know why, i hate myself for being like this.. :(

this feeling is so random.. don't know why i am feeling this way.. i don't even understand what my heart wants..
worry.. i think i'm worrying too much about everything.. EVERYTHING... everything in my life.. what my future would be, what would us be..

I've been through some hard times that people couldn't imagine.. and actually i've buried it deep down inside my memories.. how i wish i could erase it and pretend it never happened.. i don't blame anybody for putting me in this condition..  and i want to get out of this.. i don't know how.. I keep praying, but it seems like my prayer hasn't been answered..

okay, i'll stop writing here.. i don't want to think of all this crap anymore.. it's enough for today.. if i don't stop, i think my tears will fall.. :(



my very first post

Helloo, guyss.. it's my first time blogging..and this is my very first post.. XD
u'll find some of my stories here and it's just some secrets in my heart that i'll share.. :)


Jowi :)