Tuesday, January 24, 2012


this is the second day of CNY.. got nothing to do..
will go to some relatives house later..
so boring... even though i had fun yesterday.. earned a lot.. but vanished in seconds.. haha....
anyway, i've just finished watching secret garden yesterday.. it's so touching, love Hyun Bin oppa.. he's so handsome.. wish to have a hubby like him in that movie.. :p
and that movie really made me miss you.. so much..
okay, actually it's some scenes in the movie that made me remember of you.. haha..
but, never mind, i still can meet you in my dream, huh? ;)

PS : Neomo bogoshippo ;)


Jowi :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


hmm hmm.. it's saturday.. it's a good day.. i spent it with my beloved friends..
we chat a lottt... had a good time, had a good meal.. spent money.. haha..
okay, that's not the main point anyway..
saturday.. it's weekend, everybody loves weekend, but for me, this is just another killing day in my life.. haha..
for couples that is having a LDR will understand this.. XD
it's good that i could spent it with my friends today, it worked to distract my thoughts to you.. :p

okay, seriously, where have you been this whole day? :S
well, today i'm just not in a good mood, just need you for some time... but where are you? :'(
yes, i know i will get used to this situation, but i think it's not now..

hey, why am i feeling so random suddenly? :S
i think my brain is not working correctly right now..
actually i'm so sleepy, but somehow i just want to post something.. i'm so weird, huh?

yeapp.. the point is i just need you and i'm missing you badly right now.. *sigh*



Friday, January 20, 2012


i've just finished 3 sad movies recently.. i specially asked my friend to give me sad movies, so i can cry.. haha..
it sucks to be in a swing mood that you don't know actually what u want to do..
so, yeah, it's me here typing this post with headset plug into my ears.. haha..

anyway, this last movie that i've just watched inspired me..
yeap, memories.
"we forget the things we want to remember, but we remember the things we want to forget"
yes, i believe every one of us is trying to forget every bad memories that had ever happened in our lives..
but some memories just won't fade away that easily..
truth be told, until now i'm still moving on with the past i've ever had..
try to forgive but the heart just won't let it..
i don't want to hold grudge against somebody but it's just anything that connected to that person just will ruin your mood..
that heartache still exist, somehow.. it's not that i'm not moving on.. i have moved on.. totally..
just.... hate.... that feeling always shows up...

yeahhh.. i've found my heartache medicine anywayy...
it's true that to cure a heartbreak is to find a new love..
i'm the type that fall in love easily, but once i've fallen into you, u'll find me deeply, madly and loyally in love with you..
so, please.. don't be in love with someone else..
losing you means killing me..
u will keep loving me for the rest of your life, won't u? ;)

yeapp.. sorry for the long random post..
i don't even know why do I talk about this topic.. haha..
maybe because i'm too bored, huh?
got no one to talk to, so i just can spill it out to my blog.. XD



Thursday, January 19, 2012


it's almost CNY yet i can't find my passion to celebrate it.idk why.. maybe it's just because u're not here..
and i feel like i don't have enough preparation to welcome this CNY..
yes, i'm excited about the red pocket thing, but i just don't feel like celebrating it..
i haven't bought my new pyjamas, new lingerie, new bag and i don't really like my new clothes.. to be honest.. *sigh*
yah, well.. just feel so so this year.. still wondering where has my passion gone..

anw, i bought sbucks tumbler just now.. felt so excited when i bought it.. it cost me 80k only plus it's so nice..
but that excited feeling didn't last long.. i get scolded for buying that tumbler.. they said that i've wasted money for something useless..
can't i buy something with money that i've earned?
can't i make myself happy with my own effort?
do i have a choice?
why it's like nobody supporting me in anything that i do?
it sucks to live like this..
i know life is never fair, but at least could it be fair for me just once?
i've done my best, but seems like my best is not best enough for everyone..
can't i have my personal space so i can cry and scream out loud?
oh geez.. i should stop typing this or else i will keep whining and thousand words won't be enough to describe it..



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy new year

hi, guyss!!
Happy New Year 2012!!
yeeapp.. it's new year, new month.. didn't realize that time ticks so fast..
i had been through a lot of things this 2011..
things that made me have to shed my tears, things that made me laughing out loud, things that made me moody..
and thanks to 2011 that made my life colorful..
i just wish that 2012 will be much much better than 2011..
yes, even though I started 2012 with a lot of tears.. haha..
it's been a long time i didn't cry like that way.. crying silently.. and it's like the third time in this 2012.. haha
i should've stopped the crying, but the eyes just won't cooperate.. XD
it's just missing you too much.. ;)
thanks for giving me such a great and memorable holiday..
come back soon and I'll pay my debts to you.. *wink*
love you more than anything in this world.. :)


Jowi :D