Saturday, March 31, 2012


well, yeah.. today i went to have fun. spent 150k but it's worth the fun.. :D
excelso,HoME, Nelayan.. chatted about random stuffs, "curcol galau" session, talked about future, such a fun..
but it's killing on the same time.. when u're missing someone too much and you want their presence, it's just killing..
it's just another random and blue tonight..



Monday, March 26, 2012

I don't ask for this

if paying my college fee is such a burden for you then I don't need that..
i will just quit then..
it's better for me this way rather than I have to listen to your nagging all the time..
why do you have to raise your voice to that high tone every time you talk to me? can't you just talk properly? do you ever think of my feeling? it's HURT
weird.. u're just weird.. sorry that i can't understand you.. and u won't understand me either..
i can't choose.. and i don't ask for this..
life's hard.. i'm tired... just tired.. fml

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Oh geeezzz!! It's so frustating.. there's an issue that tomorrow will be a HUGE demonstration.. Thousands of people will march and strike certain places, and HELL!! Those places are located around my house.. -___-
I will be able to go to work, but won't be able to go home i think.. *sigh
What the hell with those people??!! So what if the price of the petroleum is raised?
The government has thought of this thing clearly before they made this decision..
Why should they tire themselves by doing such useless thing?
Just hope that it is really an issue and nothing will happen tomorrow..



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another farewell

heyya, bloggie.. It's me again.. not planning to post about random blue thingy..
yes, it's about another farewell in my life..
He's a great man, he is the one that gave me opportunity to be a part of IEC family..
He's my boss.. He's going to America to continue his study and he won't come back to IEC anymore..
Well, I've worked there for around 8 months, even though I am not really close to him, because he is super busy, but for me he is still a great boss.. He is a great leader and he always greets his employee..
I learned a lot from him, how to teach, how to handle students..
His leaving will bring changes for us..
I've heard about his leaving since last week, but I haven't felt anything yet until he gave us, the full-timers, his short speech about his leaving and how he asked us to work properly after he left..
And while he was talking, I could catch his sad expression, like he's going to cry or what..
He has been working there for more than ten years.. I believe it's very hard for him to leave all of these stuff..
Still another one month before he left, but he still try to manage all of his matters responsibly..
Give my salute to him..
Well, I'm kinda sad, but still, life must go on.. I should still work there and finish my contract even after he left, shouldn't I?



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's killing time

today is twentieth of june already.. almost end of the month, another ten days before payday..
I'm broke this month, a lot of unexpected expenses.. -___-
yes, and i can predict that next month I won't save a lot also because I'm joining yoga class next month..
I didn't tell my mom.. I will go there secretly with my colleagues.. haha..
Hope to lose some weights, seriously... I've been eating a lot this week, for God's sake.. -___-

Anyway, I haven't been to cinema for a long time, so I'm planning to ask my friend to go on this Seclusion Day, hope it will work out the way I plan, huh? XD
Talking about cinema, I watched some trailers just now.. It's a sequel from the previous one.. Nothing special, but the thing that killing when watching the trailers is the memories that came when I watched them with u.. -___-
Seriously, how many months have u been there? It seems like forever to me.. T.T
Been missing u a lot.. Why do u keep appearing inside my dream almost every night?
It causes me to suffer more because it makes me miss u even more.. *sigh

Okay, half asleep when I'm typing this.. should get some sleep and fight again for another day.. :D



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Parting Away

heyy.. it's me blue.
well, i don't know is it only me that is feeling like this or maybe it's the truth..
i feel like i'm dragging myself back from them..
the feeling of being left alone and being an outsider.. that kind of feeling..
don't know is it the right decision or not, to be like this all the time..
i'm still searching for the answer to myself too..
i don't want to be trapped in this kind of situation..but... i don't know, it just turns out to be like this..
I need someone who can listen to all of my nagging and someone who can give me encouragement.. :( mind is like tousled thread right now.. can't think of things properly..

anw, i found this video and i tried to watch it and listened to it.. actually, the one that attracted me is the title.. 


PS : I wonder if you miss me too



Friday, March 9, 2012

I don't know what to say

U never understand other's heart..
It's wounded, even the wound hasn't dried yet, but u have poured salt into it..
How do u expect me to bear with it?
I do realize about my weaknesses and I don't need u to remind me in such harsh way..
And, thanks, I've hurt enough..
All thanks to you, now I'm starting to hate myself even more..
I really hate this.. And I'm sick of this..


Jowi :|