Sunday, May 20, 2012

Things that I've been thinking about

hey there, readers.. sorry for abandoning these blogs for quite some time.. haha..
I've been busy hanging out and spending money.. :p
well, it'll be a busy week.. Tons of assignments, mid tests are coming soon..
and it's still the old me, with laziness all inside me.. haha..
I never study seriously during my college life.. *slap me*
I should find the passion back.. -__-

Okayyyy.. today i did some shopping accompanied by my buddy.. thanks for helping me choosing the thing.. ;) haha.. really need second opinion on buying these kinds of stuff.. satisfied with the thing i bought.. got little complaint from my mom because of the price.. :p
actually i really wanna post the pic here, but it won't be a surprise anm if i post it now.. so please just wait patiently till the day comes.. :p

well, my birthday is coming soon too.. Plan to spend it with my buddies and my loved one.. still thinking of what i want to do..
actually a nice and comfy outing will do, but this one should be more special since we're celebrating the birthday of four people, shouldn't it? haha.. still need to schedule the date also.. because on my birthday later, i can see myself still teaching bunch of students.. ha.ha.ha.. -___-

will discuss seriously with them.. well, next week will be no hanging out, i think.. should save money.. should fix this "going-home-late-at-night" habit.. for next 3 weeks i will not meet one of our members, Ms.C.. she's going to Penang and hangeul.. :p
hope your backache will recover soon and please wrap for me a handsome oppa from hangeul.. The one that look alike Choi Si Won will do, the one that appeared in your dream and became my husband.. muahahaha.. XD
Hey, I've always been a loyal reader of your blog and truly u're the one who inspired me with 'galauness'
Read one of your post and I've been thinking to type this after I read that but i got no time so i postpone it until today..
wellll.. it's a post with title 'never vanish, always there'
you said that nobody cares bout u, i saw a lot of complains there.. hehe..
it's not that we do not care.. we do care, but sometimes we're just too afraid to ask.. we're scared that we might ask something too personal and you'll think we're just too "kepo"
you know what i mean, right?
It's okay to be a protester, I'm a protester too, just like you.. haha..
that's the nature of human, we never get satisfied with what we have..
we just have to learn harder how to be more grateful, it's what i'm trying to learn everyday..
what i'm trying to say is, don't ever think that nobody loves you, you have a lot of people loving you and we just wanna say that we are there for you.. :)
I grow up, think maturely, I treasure our friendship and I'm thankful that all of you accepted me as what I am and understand me well.. :D

okayy.. not much to say.. i'm not good in words, but i hope u feel our sincerity.. hehe..