Sunday, April 13, 2014


Have I told you that God is really amazing in giving answers to my prayers?
He really send good people to support and protect me.. Can't tell how grateful I am..
I'm not trying to be over dramatic here.. or over religious, you might say..
But really, He is there listening.. I'm touched..
My answer came in a form of a friend of mine..
An old pal.. haha...
It was such a rare thing that he asked me out to have a dinner..
so that's where my answer came.. hehe..
I couldn't write in detail what is it..
It's something connected to my family..
That curse really exist.. lol..
I finally found out what curse is attached to my family..
and all the stories behind.. Far before my dad was even born.. lol
It's a small world, indeed..
Life is so funny.. I believe our life is written in its own way..
God has arranged a path for us.. And we just have to live it obediently, don't we?
Trust no one but yourself.. Even you can't depend on your family..
Countless dramas and lies .. I think that's what we called as life..
Don't even know how to ignore the fact..
Feels like I was being deceived my whole life..
what is this?
I have to learn to be more ignorant..
Living my own life, covering my ears and mouth..


An immature me, Jowi

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