Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm back

Hello, people!! it's been three months..
exactly 3 months since my last post.. hahaha..
how're y'all? doing good? so-so? fine? bad?
Feel guilty for abandoning this blog, actually.. haha.. but I don't have any idea what to post over here..
No new significant update of my life..
Or maybe you guys prefer I post my nagging and empty hopes everyday? XD

Well.. How was my life for this three months?
Where to start?
Let's see.. Maybe we can start from college life first, I passed the final test for semester 3 smoothly.. I didn't study, to be honest.. haha.. but thanks God I still passed with satisfying score.. kekeke..
So now I'm having my first month as semester 4 student.. half way to go.. I'm getting lazier and lazier.. ha.ha.ha

then let's share about my job..
I'm going to quit as a teacher.. but I'm not gonna move from IEC.. haha.. I will just move department and I'll be working as an accountant.. yeahh.. finally I go back to accounting.. Maybe it's destined for me? haha..
I'm learning those accounting stuffs everyday.. Quite fun because I learn new things.. Hope I can do well in the future.. :)

Okay.. and then about my daily life..
Nothing changes.. I still go to work at 8 to 4 then college from 5 to 8 and do nothing at night.. haha..
Every Saturday I'll go to teach private in the afternoon and go out to watch movie or hunt new places for eating at night.. and repeat.. and repeat and repeat for three months.. haha..
Oh yeah, I have a new daily activity recently... I have to wake a piggy every morning.. he needs a special call from me.. LOL

uuumm... last, maybe I'm going to share about my love life.. hahaha..
Well.. don't know where to start..
I get lots of question of "How are you now?" yeah and well of course I will give my best smile and say "Yeah, I'm fine"
but actually inside my heart I was saying "Hell no, of course I'm not fine, moving on is hard, man"
I, myself is actually still confused with my own feeling.. A part of me keep telling myself, "Let go" while the other part keep saying "Hold on"
Crazy, yes?
Yes, I know I am.. ha.ha.ha
Then MAYBE I had a crush on one of my bestfriend.. wowowow.. yes, uncertain crush.. lol.. I think you guys know who is he.. kekeke
for a month I was suffering from an uncertainty.. He's super kind to me (and any other girls in the world), I was almost 'terlibat' deeper and deeper, I got jealous over stupid things and then I realized that this was wrong and we have to make thing back right to its track.. We can't stay in this misunderstanding forever.. wkwkwk..
So we decided to be pure friend, without any feelings.. (actually I'm the only one with feeling, he doesn't have any for me.. kekekeke).. quite sad, though.. :p

Next, let me tell you about some guys that I knew from WeChat app, told you guys, it's 'sesat'..
I'm going to deactivate that account soon..
There are 2 guys that I've met..
First, it's "B", looks : not bad, age : 2 years older, working : yes..
I've ever gone out with him once and then I 'lari 1000 langkah', why?
yes, because he has a voice like a girl.. Whenever he talks, I wanna laugh.. I know I shouldn't be that bad, but after that meeting, I never reply any of his BBM.. I always end chat before I even read it.. wkwkkwk.. Mianhae.. >.<

Next, it's "A"
He's my senior at Meth-3, quite famous, looks : okay, age : 1 year older, working : yes
butt..... i heard lots of rumors that he's a player.. yes, I have to admit that he really knows how to get a girl's heart... but lots of my friends know him and tell me to be aware of him...
don't worry, people.. Player is not my type.. haha..
If you wanna play, let's play.. lol..
He's kind, but I don't know whether it's just his motive or what.. haha..
I just can't trust his words.. I know I should run away as fast as possible, but well yeah, let's see.. He said that he's not a player anymore.. who knows?? haha..

Okay.. that's a lil' bit update of my life.. will update you guys again soon if I have new stories.. XD



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